Monday, June 21, 2010

the to do list. revised.

Ok, so I previously posted a to do list that I clearly made for the year or even just a few months. I would like to add to this list with some life TO DO ideas.

1. Go to Wrigley Park, watch a baseball game, drink a beer, and eat a hot dog with my dad.

2. Go to Mexico.

3. Go to Amsterdam.

4. Research genealogy on BOTH sides of my family and for all 4 grandparents.

5. Take a month off work and travel around the US visiting friends and family.

6. Make a book of my photography, even if it's just to put on my coffee table.

7. Have a child. I want 4 but I would be more than happy with 1....or 7. I'm not picky.

8. Find the ONE. He's out there, I just don't know where...perhaps Seattle?

9. Visit some where I never thought I'd Brazil, India, or Korea.

10. Take my niece and nephew to Disney World!!

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