Monday, June 7, 2010


Ok, so I wanted to pay a little homage to a very inspirational and support little lady that I actually have never met. Her name is Danielle and she's the creator of Pixy Patch. Here are the links to her blogs-which are amazing!

She inspires me to do big things and is very support on facebook of my photography work, which means a lot to me. Seeing all the great work she does in the garden and sewing machine makes me want to break out mine and actually use it. My mom is a seamstress and I know how to use I should use it! I need to be smart and use the resources that I've been taught in my life: gardening, knitting, canning, cooking, using the clothes line, sewing, drawing...I really need to use these skills to my benefit and take advantage of the things my mother and grandmother taught me.

So in short...THANK YOU DANIELLE-you've inspired me to do bigger and better things!


  1. Oh MY Goodness!! You are so sweet and totally just made my day, thank you so much for your kind words!! I am so glad I could send a little inspiration your way. And just for the record you inspire me as well! I've decided to start another blog just for my photography. It's You've probably seen most of the images but hopefully I can share some new ones with you soon! Thanks again for giving me the biggest smile of my day!

  2. No...THANK YOU! I'm glad I could make you smile, but honestly you've reduced the funk I'm in so I kind of owe you. I can't wait for the new blog. I'm trying to keep mine all as one, but I'm sure very soon I'll have more blogs than a girl knows what to do with! Plus I'm just learning so I don't know if I'm doing this blog thing correctly. I'm glad I can inspire you...that truly makes my month. I'm attempting to shake a vicious funk and your support has helped so much!