Saturday, June 19, 2010

listen to these words.

I fight with life and love every day. Whether I'll find it, if I have and that was it for me, etc. After running into a intense old flame these words fell out of me and they are exactly how I felt in the moment.

In your blue eyes there's a hint of the ocean
wild and free, stirring commotion
and that's what I feel when I look in your eyes
a sea of butterflies

There are miles of distance that keep us apart
and that is what tares at this old lonely heart
Oh and it cries and it cries, it aches for your touch
I never knew my heart would miss you so much

I tread lightly to avoid more heartache
as I go thru these seasons it's all I can take
that love that was stolen 8 summers ago
Will it be mended, time only knows.

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