Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My first blog entry-or blog-really. It's kind of strange actually, it's like having a digital journal. Which is both exciting and scary considering I let my mouth get the best of me some times.

There's so much that needs to be done. I signed up this evening to win a painting by Michelle Holley. I love her work and really hope that I get it.

When I came home from work this evening I watered the flowers and garden only to learn that a major storm was headed our way. I got news that a tornado touched down just north of my grandpa's farm, no one was hurt but some minor damage was done. I made some wonderful tuna patties-if you're a fan I've found the griddle is the way to go if you want to avoid using oils. Yum! I got laundry started, but most likely won't fold any of them. I'm not a dishes or folded laundry girl. I don't mind wrinkles. I fed the "starving" cat. Now I'm enjoying the finale DVD of True Blood-season 2. It makes me sad that there's only 2 episodes left, but I know I'll watch it again probably 4 times before I give it back to Megan.

The lightening and thunder was intense tonight. I rarely jump from thunder, but it cracked so loud I jumped. The rain is so beautiful though. The sky right before it rains...or right after the last drop falls is divine. The colors-the smell.

Tomorrow will bring coffee with Hanna at Ritual Cafe in the morning and meeting with Kimber at Thomas Mitchell Park to go over where I'm taking her wedding photos. I'm excited to scope out the sight and start brainstorming some great ideas! I'm looking forward to posting my 365 project. It's going well thus far and is keeping me creative!

June is going to be a super busy month. Showers, weddings, birthdays, trips...old job out, new job in. I'm excited to make some money at the bar too. Tuesday is my last day at the coffee shop. I'll miss it a lot. I'll REALLY miss the espresso-it was so yummy and very close to me which was helpful. There's so much to do...and I will conquer it all.

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