Thursday, June 3, 2010


1. The chiropractor made me cry. i don't know if i have a pinched nerve in my hip or if it's just super tender, but he uses this vibration tool to loosen up the fluid between your vertebrae and such...yea, made me cry it hurt to bad.

2. If I'm sitting at an intersection at a stop sign and you just tap on your breaks then proceed through, don't be surprised when I cut you off.

3. I want to buy a house SO bad. I should really quit driving through the Ingersoll neighborhood west of Polk Ave.
I love this house...and it's extremely out of my price range. But it's gorgeous and wonderful and it's a great home.

4. Today is my last double shift and I will not miss them. Noon to 2AM is no fun. And hopefully I can pick up a Tues. or Wed. shift of Ashley's so I should be ok.


  1. love the house! even though i'm not real sure where 56th st. is. some day, dear! some day you will own that 2464 sq foot dream house!

  2. I really like that house! It kinda looks to me like the real estate market is picking up. Definitely a good time to buy! Especially one with such a great location.