Tuesday, June 8, 2010

let the beat rock.

So much music this summer and I'm very ready for it. Sadly I'll miss a few good shows because of work, but I need the money so I can't pass up the hours. However, I do have Camp Euforia and 80/35 in July and Jack Johnson in August. Plus there's always The Melodie Profitt Band at work and local shows all the time almost every day of the week. I've never seen Jack Johnson perform so I'm pretty excited about it, plus it's some thing Charity and I get to do together which makes me very happy considering I haven't gotten to see her since she got married April 17th.
The awesomeness of 80/35 contains such great banks as: Particle, William Elliot Whitmore, Earl Greyhound, Cashes Rivers, Omega Dog, Modest Mouse, Family Groove Company, and The Workshy. I still need to research a few more of the bands that I've heard great things about too. I'm also looking forward to seeing who will be released next Monday and on the free stages verses the paid stages.
The bands at Camp Euforia are just as exciting: Public Property, Euforquestra, Kyle Hollingsworth, Heatbox, Chicago Afrobeat Project, Mountain Standard Time, Mr. Baber's Neighbors, Workshy, Uniphonies, and Dr. Z's. I can't wait to have the grass under my feet dancing the night away to some groovy tunes. I'm also really looking forward to camping. I honestly like nothing more than sleeping outdoors, letting my feet get horribly dirty, and sweating the day away. The sun on my freckled shoulders, good people, drum circles...I can't wait.



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