i write words pg. 2

it was early october
winter crept in early that year
but after so long i still remember
the sound of sleet on the roof top
the clock ticking on the wall
but the silence still haunts me
after all this time there's no brining you home

and all the color fell from the trees
and the birds they did not sing
winter trapped my aching heart
yet I did not yearn for the spring

i will resist this silence
to fill it with glorious sound
the green grass will comfort my aching
showers will wash away this frown
blue skies can brighten my morning
and that's when I finally realized
after all this time we are where we belong.

breathe in tomorrow
seek out another day
let me breathe in the sorrow
of a mother's heartache
oh child, oh child
see another day

as you watch the rain fall
down her face
no words can stop it
no comfort take its place
oh child, oh child
see a brand new day

stepping back onto my porch i smell wet grass and burning leaves
I feel the warmth of the may sun melting on my newly tan skin
tasking sweat on my upper lip brought on by playing in the dirt
looking down the empty street expecting to see you walking toward me
instead i lean on the wall and sigh in spite of knowing you're not coming
so i look down at my bare feet, pink and fresh with the earth between my toes
i can hear a song from inside that forces you into my head again
then as i close my eyes, i hear your voice and smell you like you never left me
with the wind blowing thru my hair i wipe the sweat from my brow
exhaling you from my head i return to the earth trying to muster a tear

Can't say good-night to an empty room
or fight waking just to spend more time with you
when i said good-bye so long ago
it was forever...that's how i let go.

i can't see your face when i close my eyes
the tighter they're shut the darker the night
you blew away when the wind turned south
but you're so far gone there's no turning back

what love is this
what dreams are broken
it's in my eyes
the silence that holds us.

did we fall in love in spring?
or did we fall apart in winter?

your eyes match the summer sky
but fade into the darkest night
hear your voice in the wind
then the air lays silent

did you leave me in the morning?
or did you leave it all behind?
forgetting all the seasons
and kissed away the night.
blocking out the yesterdays
to leave this cloudy sky.

i hear your words and it breaks my heart
wait 2 years to see if we'll only fall apart
hold on tight, down the ragging river i ride
and i'm empty handed, but you've got mine

run away only to pass your house a hundred times
feel your touch, both you lips and hands
when i look away there you are each saturday
i tread water to keep afloat until i sink

so here we lie at 9 am, close together yet far away
blink my eyes and then you're gone
i feel this water rising quick
you won't save me, we just don't connect