Monday, August 30, 2010

get it together....

Ok, so there are a million projects I want to get done. The biggest problem is that I haven't even started them. These are some of the things I want and NEED to get done.

1. fix holes in my jeans
2. make jewelry
3. knit more
4. decide on a screen printing method
5. get in the garden
6. get ready for canning
7. buy a second camera
8. update music on ipod
9. have a garage sale
10. make a festival shirt
11. fall in love-but not out
12. learn to play the guitar
13. dishes
14. start taking my supplements
15. make a grocery list....
16. go to the grocery store
17. clean the garage
18. replace the lock on the front door
19. get a new battery for my car
20. do my state taxes-oops!!!!
21. call iowa workforce-UGH!!
22. start making x-mas gifts
23. edit photos
24. read a book
25. book my vacation to cali

oh my oh my! and this isn't even half of the to do list.

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