Monday, January 17, 2011

road trip.

Let's get outta here!

Knoxville's Peace Tree Brewing Company. I've only had one of their beers that I got from Hy-Vee, but it was darn good!! People that love beer enough to put some bad ass graphic design on the bottle are definitely the type of people that put good time and thought into what they do!

Ok, so this isn't too far for most of us, but it could really take us places...The Healthy Living Expo on January 29th at Hy-Vee Hall. Or The Natural Living Expo April 2nd & 3rd at the Polk County Convention Center.

I'd have to say of all the places I've been in the midwest, The Old Market in Omaha is at the top of my list. It has so much to offer and I can't stress how at home I feel there. I really wish we had some thing so unique and true to it's name in the Des Moines area.

I have only been wine tasting once and that was in California just recently, so I think it'd be fitting to visit a local winery. My favorite local wine is Southern Hills, but since my wine knowledge and tasting is very minimal I figure why not try some thing new! Penoach Winery is in Adel and according to their website they are dedicated to preserving the original farmstead and restoring the property to its grand beauty for the enjoyment of all-which is every thing I'm about.

The dates haven't been announced yet, but Project Earth or Harvest Fest in Geneva, MN are some great festivals to attend in the mid-west. They're sponsored by Wookiefoot and should definitely be considered on your summer to do list!! Also another WONDERFUL festival is Camp Euforia. Last year was my only time there and it was incredibly hot, but I fell in love with the campgrounds, atmosphere, the farm, the grass, the music, the air...every part of it was a breathe of fresh air.

There's a Trampled by Turtles show in Denver, CO March 1st. Also in Fort Collins, CO the 2nd.

So...when are we getting in the car?

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