Thursday, January 6, 2011

at my house.

so this is what's going on at my house tonight.

the bathroom. despite the crappy wall paper in my rental it's a decent space. Not very big and really no storage, but I make do.

the bedroom. I don't plan on telling any one too much about my bedroom. I just love my dresser and all my knicky knacks on them. The circle photo was taken at the IS Fair when I was probably 1 or 2 with my Grandma Judy.

the kitchen. My kitchen really does have better places in it, but I love my tea towels by Sweet Harvey. Local is really the way to go and these towels finally allowed me to pick a color scheme for my severally mix matched kitchen. Rentals really make you think outside the box.

the living room. Oh this is probably my favorite part of my house besides the back yard. This wonderful antique buffet is the best storage space for me and a HUGE focal point. My mom told me while she was home from Vegas that it looks identical to the buffet they had while she was growing up. Wouldn't that be irony?

the dining room. Yes, I don't use my dinning room for what's it's meant to be. I use it for my office slash hobby space. So tonight is screen printing. Although I'm not sure my screen will turn out I'm excited to keep going until I get it right! Look for fun items with these images soon. YAY!!

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