Monday, January 3, 2011


Mondays are my Saturdays, so I must get a lot accomplished. Today I purchased a new turning signal bulb and successfully changed it. I must mention there was a lot of cursing and gggrrs with the frustrating process. I also decided it was time to hang up ALL of my clothes-and even though I know it might be a short lived concept, I did it. I've been acquiring a lot of things to donate the last few months and took all of them to a local center-the Eddie Davis Center. I really enjoy the people there and that there's always food cooking in their kitchen. Then I went to Lowe's where I purchased a new shelf, bedroom door hardware, light bulbs, caulking for my kitchen tiles, and 2 new house plants there were conveniently on sale for $3.33 each! Next is cleaning the bathroom and organizing the front porch which is a HUGE project in my eyes.
Dear baby Jesus, let this motivation stick with me all night!

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