Wednesday, January 19, 2011


My Aunt in California introduced me to this organic and health food distributer out of Oregon. There's a lady that organizes the drop stop in West Des Moines named Sonya, who I've yet to come in contact with. The point of my writing this is to spread the word and allow more people to be a part of this. I know we now have a Trader Joe's but this allows a LARGE amount of food and distributers. I downloaded the online catalog and I must say after seeing the first 2 pages of just organic ice cream I had to order the paper version because the digital one is way too overwhelming. Let's just say they have books to cerealsto juices, pasta, and soy products. From what I understand the process is this: pick what you want by a certain date(which I'll get from Sonya once I contact her), she orders, it will arrive at her house on DAY X, pick up product. Every thing is paid when you order it either online or over the phone. From what I've seen it's fairly inexpensive as well. Example:
FD068 Blackberry Ice Cream, Organic 48 ozs. . Case of 3-14.95.
I can't wait to see the catalog and see what wonderfulness I can get and hopefully save a little money along the way!! I may even have to invest in a little deep freeze...eek!!!

Check out their website for more information:

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