Wednesday, November 3, 2010

to do list.

My to do list is never ending. NEVER EVER should be a movie. It'd be a mixture of 27 Dresses, He's Just Not That Into You, Extreme Makeover, Eat Pray Love, and some Indie craft film. Some one should get to work on that. Any winter projects are already in full swing and I can't wait to accomplish some of them. Currently my bathroom is almost complete with updated bright and clean colors. Next I'm going to make linen curtains for my bathroom and my bedroom-currently I have a large piece of brown fabric keeping my neighbor's super close view hidden. After that I must do some thing extra creative to fix my extra bedroom. Right now it's a mix match of a sewing room and bedroom, with art that didn't fit any where else littering the walls. I wish my landlord would let me paint because between the blue walls and black and plastic blue marbled ceiling fan this room leaves a lot to be desired. LAMPS! More light will certainly fix my uninspiring "creative" room. Reasons like these are why I wish I owned my own house, simple and inexpensive accessories, such as a new bathroom sink with just a teeny bit more storage and counter space. New light fixtures, paint, and new carpet...and a dishwasher would really make this rental to die for...I love my house, but for those of you that know how often I usually move my almost 3 years of this residence is getting boring.
Simple updates are making me happy, like a digital thermostat and door knobs. These keep me distracted from my boredom. If only HGTV would just come in and save me...and then come back again when I buy a house.


  1. Slow down!....Your going to give yourself a heart attack! Besides you're making the rest of us look bad!

  2. I enjoy being busy. Deadlines. Projects. Functions. I LOVE IT!!!!!