Wednesday, November 3, 2010

big stuff.

When I return from California-poor and rejuvenated-I have big plans. Book exchange, knitting nights, joining a gym, fixing up the old house. Yep, I can already feel how badass 2011 is going to be. So far being 25 has rocked my socks off, taught me some big stuff, and opened my eyes-all in less than 2 months, so I can't imagine what greatness the next 10 months will bring!


  1. It occurred to me why you're trying to do all this stuff. Your romantic life or lack there of is in shambles. The reason you're doing all these projects is so you won't have to deal with the loneliness you feel from not having a boyfriend. You can deny it but, it is true. I don't mean to call you out but, as friend I don't know how else to help you. I know I only really know you through facebook Katy but, I do consider you a friend. I'm sorry if my saying this bothers you. It is not my intent, really!

  2. I kind of agree with you. But even when I've had a boyfriend I always have a millions things going on. In high school I was involved in every thing, worked, and was at school. I just come from a family of hard workers and really if I'm not busy to the point of chaos I'll go crazy.
    I also do need to keep myself distracted. After being single so long I'm content. I'm in a pretty good place right now and when it happens it'll happen. I just would rather keep myself busy than sitting at home and sulking in the loneliness. I do appreciate the concern and to some extent you are very correct.

  3. I don't have the solution to your dilemma but. I may have a way of treating it. I want you to get in touch with me after your trip to California ( see! I do pay attention!). I'd like to meet you and possibly hang out with you sometime. i think it could be beneficial to us both. (my therapist says I need to get out more and meet new and different types of people, if you're wondering.) I'll send you a message with my phone number on it through facebook later.