Sunday, November 14, 2010

day 2.

I stayed the evening in Tehachapi and got a great nights sleep at Aunt Diane and Bill's house. Uncle Don, Aunt Julie, and Haley met us at the house to go to lunch. We decided on a local tea house that served organic food and teas. I really needed some caffeine so I got a cafe mocha and a veggie sandwich on focaccia bread with pasta salad. My sandwich was piled high with greens, mushrooms, tomato, sprouts, cucumber, and cheddar cheese. I'm not sure what the sauce was on the sandwich, but it was wonderful and the bread was the best part next to the veggies. The pasta salad was in the same sauce as what was on my bread with red peppers and mozzarella cheese sprinkled on top. YUM! Then lastly I had to try the organic mint iced tea, which I couldn't get enough of and am sad to be leaving behind in California.
After leaving the tea room we went to the local German bakery where I got an extra soft peanut butter cookie and water that we enjoyed on the patio under the descending sun.
From there we went to another local establishment-a winery-whose name escapes me right now. I was treated to an $8 wine tasting of 5 wines, but I'm almost positive the gentleman serving us allowed us more than our 5 servings. The wines were a wide variety of tastes, but I enjoy a sweet wine and was very taken by the zen del sol which was a mixture of zinfandel and muscat.
After that I returned to Lancaster with Uncle Don, Aunt Julie, and Haley. I spent the rest of the evening listening to Haley and two of her girlfriends giggle, talk, and sing until I fell into a wonderful night of sleep.

Day 2: magnificent

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