Wednesday, November 17, 2010

day 3-5.

So I got a little behind while on vacation of updating my daily adventures.
Saturday was spent watching Iowa blow a perfectly good game with my Uncle Don. He's still a Hawk fan after 20 plus years in California, so I thought it'd be a fun activity to share with him. Thank you Stanzi for blowing a game that was literally in the palm of your hands. That evening the entire family, minus Aunt Diane and Bill, went to sushi. Uncle Don was a champ and ate the most ridiculous rolls ever. Quail egg, calamari, chicken egg, salmon name it, he ate it, and loved it. The rest of the night was spent at Aunt Julie and Uncle Don's house playing rock band with my cousins and talking into the night with my cousin, Chase's girlfriend, Shaina. She's great and I know why Chase loves her so much. I also got to go to Aunt Julie and Uncle Don's antique store, which is always a beloved past time of mine. I scored some polaroid film and had I been able to afford shipping it all home, I found a booth of 50's and 60's kitchen ware. Bread boxes, glass pitchers, casserole dishes, table clothes, bright plates and was heaven. And upon returning home, I found I should have bought some dishes, because some how my set of 8 bowls has been reduced to 2. Hhhhmm....

Sunday was Getty Day!! I was sad Rose and Shaina didn't get to come along, but I understand that people have to work. We got there around 1:30 and was there until closing time at 5:30. I've been to my fair share of art museums and this one was pretty good. I didn't like that every thing was in separate buildings and the exhibits were fairly small, but there was still a lot to look at. Van Gogh, Monet, and Rembrant were the "famous" artists I remember, but there were plenty more artists. I particularly loved the photography exhibit. There was a room at the back of the exhibit from a photographer that documented the Vietnam war. I don't know how you can choose such a small amount of photos to express such a dark time, but this particular artist did an amazing job. The photos were dark, invasive, depressing, and made me feel uneasy. I wish they had allowed me to take photos, because I think that's the only way I could accurately describe the feeling.
Later that evening the ENTRE family met at BJ's Brewery for dinner. It was nice to all be together while I was in town!

Monday I spent the day with Haley, Aunt Julie and Shaina shopping. I didn't find much, but I found a really fun dress and sweater. That evening Haley and Aunt Julie made us a wonderful dinner of stuffed chicken, rice, and vegetables. During the day we went to a locally owned store that sold USDA approved meat, fabulous cheese-which I need to find out the name of because it was great!, and vegetables. After dinner we picked Rose up from work and went to a movie. Due Date is for sure worth seeing-it was hilarious.

Tuesday was nothing to get excited about. I woke up, got dressed, and off we went to the airport. I got into Burbank's airport within minutes and left without a hitch. On the way there my neighbor spilt her soda on me and I got to sit in wet pants, because the flight attendant didn't think I should try to get my bag down...let's just say that I wasn't very pleased with that situation and could have thumped both my neighbor and the flight attendant. Then I sat for over 3 hours in Dallas waiting for my connecting flight. By the way, that airport is horrible. Finally I got on the plane and was on one side of the plane by myself, so I slept a little and got home safe.


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