Sunday, September 19, 2010


I want to own metal stampers, a screen printing kit, a larger table to work on, a better storage space for all my junk, and the time to do all the wonderful handmade Christmas gifts I want to do. I need to buckle down and get this all accomplished before the end of September-which sadly-is approaching very quickly. I'm hoping the photos today and the wedding I have in October can help fund my California vacation and a few things on my wish list for creating wonderfulness. I can't wait to let the magic begin-oh yes, I also need to fix the bobbin on my sewing machine so I can fix a few pairs of pants. Oh this to do list is KILLING me!!! Write it down or I may forget as soon as I type it.

Soon I'll be 25-one week to be exact-and I have many a projects in mind for my quarter century life. In the next year I plan on doing more crafty/artsy fartsy stuff and traveling as much as I can afford. God forbid if I get that money from my previous employer I will be golden-cross your fingers because my faith is fading. I think that's what I'll call this year though-THE QUARTER CENTURY LIFE PROJECT: When art meets exactly who I am. Yes....I like it.


  1. Slow down! You're only 25, you have plenty of time to do all the things you want to do.

  2. You would think...I want to do it all now.