Tuesday, September 7, 2010


After a month or so of physical therapy I'm really trying not to get discouraged since my knee hurts so much more than it did 3 months ago. Currently my diagnosis is that my knee cap rolls too far inward and I walk on the outside of my feet so I'm pulling my ligaments in odd directions. SO...my knee caps is tapped down so it doesn't roll in the wrong direction. It's better painful and when I bend my knee a sharp pain goes through my knee cap and it pops which coensides with the back of my knee making this squishy sound and popping. Not only does it sounds gross it hurts horribly. I only hope all this pain and aching makes things better. After 4 years I'm not the most patient person with matters of my knee...

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  1. Um...sounds painful. Wish there was something i could do to help.