Tuesday, September 28, 2010

the day after.

My days off are pretty much the same-clean, errands, Broadlawn's, laundry, editing, pay bills, and watch tv-some times a little knitting. Today wasn't much different aside from my trip to the East Village. I've never actually been in Raygun and was excited to walk thru the doors and see some of the infamously funny city shirts. I told them as a Valley Junctionite I felt quite left out of the shirt business-even though I know I'd probably be the only person to purchase one. We attempted to go to Ephemera and Found Things, but sadly they were both closed. With my thirst we wandered into Gung Fu Tea where I got a large glass of White Peony iced tea and it was heaven!
So the day after my birthday was pretty good even if I had to spend time at Broadlawn's...one day into 25 and it's been pretty darn good.

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