Thursday, July 22, 2010

camp euforia=greatness

camp euforia rocked my world and i hope to go back next year. even the heat couldn't damper the great mood we were in upon arrival in lone tree. not even getting lost and taking almost an hour and half longer to get there than planned could destroy the good time we were expected...and received in ten folds. such great people. i'm sure i commented on how appreciative i was that such a large group of people could come together and live peacefully and with such understanding of one another in the blissful state i was in. perhaps it was the people i went with, the farm we camped at, the music or the smell that engulfed the grounds like a cocoon-either way, it was a magic 2 days and made me the happiest i've been in months.


  1. Were you in Lone Tree, Iowa? Used to live there.

  2. Yes, at Camp Euforia! It was a wonderful time.