Monday, July 5, 2010


I was sad not to get to experience much of 80/35 this year. The past two years were amazing times, but alas work has gotten the best of my 4th of July weekend this year. I did get to go for two hours on Sunday with Brittany. Unfortunately we both had places we were previously obligated to be and there wasn't a lot going on while we were there. Family Groove Company played, which is ALWAYS an amazing time, but the other free stage wasn't being used and there was no music to be heard from the main stage. Either way we didn't have tickets so we weren't getting in any way. We did have a beer, I got to see Karla, got a t-shirt, and got a coffee from Ritual! The rain didn't ruin our minimal chance to experience 80/35.
Camp Euforia will definitely make up for my lack of music this year. It makes me so sad, however. I miss listening to music and dancing-it really is one thing that makes me forget about all the other non sense in my life.

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