Wednesday, October 26, 2011

i'll start my diet tomorrow.

Yep, it's that time of the year. Last year at this time I lost 18 pounds and have gained back 10 of those pesky pounds. So I decided since I got so much done on my "days off" (laundry, dishes, photo editing, vacuuming, toilet scrubbin', porch cleaned, photo shoots, and a teeny bit of knitting) that I need to focus on myself. I mean, there's something about suffocating in your stretch pants that alerts you to the fact that you need to lose weight. Not to mention when I was filling out my families health history at the doctor I wanted to cry...and that every time I have a problem (irregular periods, baseball sized cyst in my knee, abnormal heart palpitations) my weight is ALWAYS mentioned.

1. Olive oil  ✔
2. Vinegar: Red wine ✔ balsamic ✔
3. Lemons....nope
4. Dijon Mustard-YUM and ✔
5. Honey-LOCAL and double ✔✔
6. Cheese-Sadly no...I'm cheese ignorant
7. Greek yogurt-I just don't like it...
8. Fresh Herbs-Growing as we speak! ✔
9. Beans, grains, and pasta-well...surprisingly enough yes. Canned beans, brown rice, and whole wheat pasta ✔
10. Cinnamon ✔, nutmeg, cumin, coriander, and red pepper flakes ✔-oh and pure vanilla extract(I have it, but it's definitely NOT pure).

Now I just need to start a personal cookbook for the single gal. I was raised to cook for large groups. My Grandma Judy had 5 kids and at least 3 foster kids at all times. LEFTOVER HEAVEN!

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