Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Some day, hopefully in the near future I will be taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest. I'm hoping to see two of the few states I have yet to set foot on and enjoy what I'm told might be my homeland. My biggest fear is that I'll get there and never return home, however home is where your heart is.
One thing I do know about Seattle is that Lydia will be there and I will have the best of the best tour guides in the city. Ideally she'll take me to every touristy spot known to her and help me not look like I just came off the train straight from the farm. But let's face it, I am a tourist and as long as I enjoy myself I could care less if I look like a mid-west girl with pigtails and boots on. Perhaps I'll just start telling people I'm from Maine and completely throw them off.
So let me begin with my Seattle hopes and dreams. Between some other friend's recent adventures and my odd obsession with Anthony Bourdain I must see Seattle and preferably sooner than later. I wish I could find the full episode Mr. Bourdain did on the Pacific Northwest, because it really was my last push to understanding my curiosity of the area. The food, the people, the art. I've compiled a list of places I know I must go see, but these are just Seattle. Later I plan to do a post about where I must and will go in Portland.

1. Seattle Art Museum "SAM"
2. Space Needle
3. Experience Music Project
4. Pike Place Market
5. Pike Place Fish

Heck, there's even their October Fest celebration the weekend of my birthday...not to mention numerous music festivals, more trails than I can wrap my head around, and from what photos are showing me beautiful waterfront scenes. Oh yes, I think this trip will be a true adventure.

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