Wednesday, December 29, 2010

jesus cake.

I apologize if any one takes this name in an offensive manor. As kids my Grandma Kimbley made punch bowl cake and from what I remember as a "tween" she made it in March for my dad and Grandpa's birthdays and for Christmas-both times the cake got candles and we sang happy birthday. At some point we started referring to the cake as Jesus cake and the names stuck every since. I can't tell you when we decided on said name or why we were allowed to get away with it, but now in my family when you say Jesus cake, every one knows exactly what you're referring to. Since my grandma passed away 3 years ago this January I am left to carry on the tradition, which I hold very dear to my heart.


  1. I'm the only one who seems to respond to your blog post, and I'm not offended. My response to this blog and the photos that accompany it? Drool! Nothing else, just drool!

  2. I know...I don't think any one else reads them, but I don't care. ha ha.'s good stuff! YUM!!