Wednesday, December 15, 2010

do it to it.

Ok, so I've decided to cook some thing I never have every week. Last week homemade cookies-this week, puppy chow! I haven't quite decided on next week, but treats seem to be the theme around the holidays. I need to start compiling recipes for later on in my adventures and keep to this task.
Thus far I have done a poor job on my book a month project. I'm going to start the smaller of the two books I chose and hope that I can finish it in two week. I should buckle down and read every night before bed. I'm also excited to learn a new knitting stitch when Nicole gets back from California. I finally completed my niece's scarf and I am super proud of it. I hope she loves it too-she does love to wear my scarves and hats around so I'm sure she'll be in heaven.

YAY for the holidays and projects. Curtains to come soon...oh and a vintage buffet for my living room!!!

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