Monday, October 18, 2010


i'm already contemplating my new years resolution and i think mine's moving towards avoiding letting people disappointment me and using my voice. I completely understand that disappointment is part of life, I've had my share of disappointments I've caused and just as many-if not more-given to me so generously by other people. I have a problem using my voice and speaking up for myself. I know I still have years of work and struggle in front of me, but I am discouraged by the amount of disrespect I get from people. I have a lot of great things in my life and don't need to let the junk of other people clog up my life.


  1. Regarding your inability to speak up for yourself, I can only say that it's not easy. Speaking up for yourself is hard. It is especially hard if you lack self confidence. You say you're discouraged by the amount of disrespect you get from people? Then do something about it! Stand up for yourself and let these people know you are tired of their lack of respect! Let them know that you want to be treated from them the same way they want you to treat them. If they don't reciprocate then plow right through them because they aren't worth the time of day! That said; Don't over do it! people who over do the whole self confidence thing are seen as being arrogant and nobody wants to be around someone arrogant.

  2. I'm confident, I just don't like hurting people's feelings or saying no. I'm a people pleaser, but I need to set boundaries! Thanks for the advice!!