Monday, October 4, 2010

my town.

As I sit in my second home-really where my heart is-it makes me kind of sad to know that I'll be leaving it tomorrow. I spent almost 4 years living in Mt. Ayr with my grandparents and now that both of them have passed it's bitter sweet to come home. In a way I feel homeless even though I know there are a dozen places that I am welcome. Now that my aunt and uncle have moved into my grandparent's home I can't stay there. Emotionally I cannot stay there. After my grandma passed away it took me close to a year to set foot in my own house. It's almost like pieces of my heart are missing now that my grandparents have gone-it's not really my home any more. The town, of course, is but the house is no long mine. Since my grandpa passed a year ago in June the house has been cleaned out and family lives there, yet I can't bring myself to stay the night. I haven't been there since their things have been moved in and I am not sure that I really want to. I love my aunt and uncle, it's just not the same-no deer head, ashtrays, cobwebs, grandpa's chair, or his glasses on the kitchen table.
I truly love Mt. Ayr and as ridiculous as it sounds to people who live here and are dying to get out-this place is my get away. Where I can go and be stress free, feel welcome, and see people that are close to my heart.

It really is good to go where everybody knows your name.

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  1. We all have a place like that. A place where we feel the learned the most important lessons in life, a place filled with all the important people in our lives, a place where we knew we belonged, a place where we look back fondly and think "This is home". We all have a place like this.