Thursday, March 29, 2012

color me happy.

I've been in my new place for 3 months now and I've decided I need to paint. My bedroom is boring, simple and driving me crazy. I really like the top two blues for my bedroom. There's a bunch of knock outs in my room and I think the lighter blue would be a great change up against the darker color.
My second idea is a little harder to explain. My work space is in a small corner in my living room so I want to use the teal blue called Impromptu to create a rectangle that stretches from the 3 foot corner wall to behind my computer. It'll sit right below my computer desk top and stop just about 14 inches from the ceiling. I  want the help to serve as a frame around the rectangle. I'll just have to post photos...eek! Can't wait to get out the brushes.

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