Thursday, January 24, 2013

a day late.

Okay it's been almost a month, but I got busy and forgot. I didn't put it on my to do list, so the blog fell off the radar...poor guy.

In the last month we had Christmas, I moved, we lost my Great Uncle, I started a 30 day food challenge, I got a little braver, mom visited from Las Vegas, Beaux discovered how much he loves my potted plants, and Brady rolled over. So 2013 made it here without a hitch and we're off! I was sick for New Year's Eve, so that has to be some sort of good luck charm right? Plus I did not include NY resolutions in my 2013 wishes this and things seem to be going off without a hitch (not to jinx myself hopefully) and I'm ready to get a move on with life. I would like to point in the photos above my new family band that I've been wanting my entire life: Mason on the maracas, Aubrey on the piano, Blake on the tamberine, and Dylan (not pictured) on the bongo drums...oh and me lead singer, of course.

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