Tuesday, September 4, 2012

skin deep.

I really want a new tattoo. These are the designs I want collaborated into the design. The last illustration is a very rough design of what I'm wanting, but I know there is a local artist that could rock out what I want done. Now I'm just patiently, okay not patiently, waiting for an email or phone call to get it started.
The concept behind the idea is very simple and near to my heart, as are the other tattoos I have. My grandmother's family is Bohemian, which is now the Czech Republic. A common symbol of Bohemia is an owl, so to honor my grandmother and make it more folk like and "country" if you will I want to add the details on the frame around it. I also want 3 pine trees on the owl's stomach to represent me and my 2 siblings. I'm in love with the colors in the first tattoo, but haven't decided if color or black and white is the best direction. Eek!! I can't wait.

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