Wednesday, August 3, 2011

closing time.

Something I did today: cleaned my drains. Thanks to I now have the smoothest running drains and my bathroom smells wonderful!

Something I want to do: How much would my niece and nephew love this? They would have the best time with it in the winter too. It can even be just a bag tossing game.

Something that will bring back the memories: Next time we have a family gathering, I want to print old photos of my grandparents and photos of me, my siblings, and cousins as kids. How wonderful would this be at a reunion for people to bring photos and leave them to be shared. Love.

Something that I don't know how it escaped me: My mom is a skilled seamstress-a skill I have minimal talent in-and she owns an embroidery machine. Sadly she lives 2,000 miles away, however I think I can talk her into making me a fabric sign for craft/art markets and possibly even some with cute quotes for wedding gifts, personalized wedding/baby/home gifts. Hurray for inspiration!

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