Tuesday, May 10, 2011

april showers brought may flowers.

And FINALLY some warm weather. The past two days in Iowa have been heavenly...really, there's no better word for it. Yesterday I accomplished so much that I scared myself a little. Weeding, watering, planting, raking, tie dying, cleaning, laundry. It really should go down in the record book of days I actually accomplished some thing worth a damn. So yesterday also brought photos of my progress and my ever growing life. Found my first tomato sprout this morning which was quite the surprise to an extra muggy day. All in all my days off this week have been fantastically productive.

I had to repot this beauty, because in the month I've had her she's been bustin' out of the pot she came in. I wouldn't mind if she got so big she busted out of this pot either...but I like my ladies with a little meat on their bones.

And lastly I stopped at the 50th St. Palmer's Deli before heading to The Art Store for my dye. I love picnics in my own backyard.

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